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Why use Gradient by Efficient Chalets?



Gradient is designed to allow you to look after more bookings in less time. It does so much of the work for you. Whenever it can, Gradient will make predictive choices based on your most commonly used options - for example, the ski lesson you use most frequently. So you only need to click to do something less usual.

Better Service

Information at your fingertips means better service for your guests. You can now write more informative emails in seconds with our email drafter tool doing all the writing for you. This allows you to focus purely on the customised, personal touches. Everything else is taken care of for you.

And now you can handle all the extras with ease - better service for your guests, and more commission for you. Lift passes, ski hire, ski lessons, transfers. All planned, booked, charged for, checked, and customised, just a few clicks.

Less Risk

With Gradient, it's easy to double check everything. One click to check everyone is booked on a transfer. One click to check all the ski lessons are booked. One click to check everyone has paid for all their extras.

And it's got your back. Adding a lift pass? It'll check for that the lift pass matches their age, their location & the time of year. And what if all the suppliers with old cheques cash them tomorrow? You can see easily what your bank balance would be.

Share the Load

Let your chalet hosts do the work for you. You just set up what information you'd like them to be able to see at the start of the season, give them a login to your Gradient account, and that's it. They can then get all the information they need, when they need it, with no work from you. How many vegetarians next week, who needs showing to the hire shop. It all happens, with no work from you.

And your guests - they can login and put all their own flight times, dietary requirements, lift pass requests and more straight into your Gradient account.

Designed By Insiders

We've worked in chalets, and still work very closely with many chalet companies. Everything is tailored to the needs of a chalet company, to all those unusual, doesn't-fit-in-a-box things that a chalet company does.

Gradient handles all of these, and much much more, with ease.

Try before your buy

You don't have to decide overnight whether Gradient is the right system for you and your business. You can use it for free for 3 months. No features disabled, no strings attached - just try it and see if it's right for you.