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Gradient is your everything on a computer.

Think of just about every time you use a computer for your business. Gradient handles all that, in the most efficient way possible.


What is Gradient to the companies already using it?

It's Powerful Software for Chalet Companies

  • Gradient is your email system, your booking manager and your guest correspondence records.
  • Gradient is your accounting software, your transfer planning system, and how you manage all the extras.
  • Gradient is how your guests give you their details, and your staff find all the information they need.
  • Gradient is how you analyse where your bookings come from, and how you track all your finances.
  • And your staff can even order their linen through it.

It's data management made easy

  • Add ski hire to a guest booking in a few mouse clicks, then the information all flows beautifully from there.
    • These skis will appear on the order list for the hire shop, and the system remembers from last year that Mr Jones is shoe size 9 and 5ft 11, so the hire shop will get that too.
    • These skis will appear on your staff info sheet so they know to take the guest to the hire shop.
    • These skis will appear on the client's invoice, and you'll see the cost of them appear on the list of who owes you what in the money manager.
    • And at the end of the month, when the hire shop send you a bill, Gradient will show every item that should be on that bill, including these skis, at company discounted rates.

It's Cloud-Based

  • No downloading software, no updating versions, no losing backups, no it's-on-the-other-computer. You just need any computer with internet access, your username and password. That's it.
  • While you are entering information, your chalet staff are looking up next week's guests, and next month's guests are selecting their own lift passes. All at once.

It's Got Your Back

  • Planning a transfer for a child? Gradient will request the booster seats for you.
  • Not sure what's been paid for so far? One click and
  • One click to check you've collected all the payments.
  • will check you've collected all the guest's payments.
  • Selecting a ski lesson? Gradient will check that the ski lesson is applicable for that person, by their age. And by the time of year. And by the day of the week. And by the resort they are staying in.