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Email Management:

Very, Very Powerful

  • Powerful email system for receiving, composing and sending company emails
  • Never write the same answer twice - use the Gradient email drafter tool to remember your answer to common questions.
  • Insert all booking details into emails at the click of a mouse - ski extras details, transfer plans, accommodation details, prices, deposits and more...
  • Import your mailing list & create html email shots.
  • Our Favourite Feature? The one-click pre-holiday email.
    It gives the guest every detail about their holiday, from the flight times to the list of lift passes, in one press of a button.

Booking Management:

Designed for Chalets

  • Manage everything you need to know about your bookings
  • Chalet staff can log in to get all the up-to-the-minute info they need
  • Gradient handles complex holiday pricing rules to do the work for you, including sending payment requests to the guests
  • Full multi-currency financial management of your bookings
  • Our Favourite Feature? Booking Money Management.
    It copes beautifully with Holidays in Sterling, Extras in Euros, and guests changing their payments.

Extras Management:

Complexities handled with ease

  • Handles all the complexities of Lift Passes, Hire and Lessons with ease
  • Controls extras assignment - if they are a child in low season, it will only let them have a child liftpass at the low season rate.
  • Financial management at both ends - manages your guest payments for extras, and makes sure your suppliers charge you the correct amount, including dealing with currency exhange and and commissions.
  • Our favourite feature? Advanced selection control.
    If a ski lesson is only applicable starting on a Sunday in February, then it'll only appear in the lists for a guest who wants to start their lessons on a Sunday in February.

Transfers Management:

An important job made easy

  • Plan and manage all your transfers, internal and using outside suppliers
  • Check everyone has a transfer, and they are all booked and confirmed.
  • Our Favourite Feature? Auto Booster Seats!
    If you are booking a transfer for a child, then Gradient will automatically request a booster seat for you. Gradient has got your back.

Money Management:

Full Multi-Currency, Guest and Suppliers

  • One click to see who owes you what & when it's due.
  • Everything is multi-currency and copes with varying exchange rates
  • Supplier and guest payments all managed.
  • Bank reconciliations, TVA and more.
  • What should this month's ski hire bill be? - one click.
  • If all the suppliers with cheques cash them tomorrow, will I go overdrawn? - one click.
  • Our Favourite Feature? One click to see who owes what & when. This makes it really easy to keep on top of all the payment requests.

Chalet Staff Area:

Up-to-the-minute Info

  • Control staff logins to your own access levels
  • Chalet staff can find all the information they need, all up-to-the-minute, and no paper needed.
  • If you want a central system for staff to place linen orders, or do central food shopping orders, then it's all built in.
  • Our Favourite Feature? You can fully customise your own information display to give your staff exactly what they need.

New! Guests Manage their own Holidays

  • Grant your guests limited access so they can manage their own holidays
  • Guests can enter all their details - guest names, flight information, dietary requirements and more
  • Guests can also select all their own lift passes and hire
  • You control exactly what they can see, what then can edit, and even which extras they can assign themselves.
  • Our Favourite Feature? Simple: the fact that your guests do all the data entry work for you!

And a whole load more!

The above is to give you an idea of the kind of cababilities Gradient has. The above is a long way short of an exhaustive list.

If you'd like a guided tour then please, just get in touch.